Secretaries-General of Constitutional Courts in Asia Discussed Meeting Materials of AACC Member Meeting

07 August 2017
"AACC has started a new phase since when it reached a consensus among AACC member countries to establish a permanent secretariat in mid-2016 in Bali, Indonesia," said Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court, Arief Hidayat, in his speech when he opened the Meeting of Secretaries-General (MSG) or meeting of secretaries-general members of the Association of Asian Constitutional Courts and Equivalent Institutions (AACC), which took place in Solo, Central Java, Monday (07/08).   According to Arief, one of the results of the 2016 AACC Congress in Bali is the agreement that countries of AACC permanent secretariat would submit reports in the Board of Members Meeting (BoMM) or the 2017 AACC board meeting on Tuesday, August 8, 2017 .   The MSG was aimed to prepare everything to discuss and decide by the chairman or president of the Constitutional Court or similar AACC member institutions. Arief said “The forum of the secretaries-general meeting is expected to generate a concept on the answers to the above questions, which will then be presented at the AACC member meeting forum to get input, guidance, and agreement from all AACC members as a step towards the improvement of that concept. "   Meeting of Secretaries-General   In the meeting of the Secretaries-General of the Constitutional Courts and similar institutions in Asia, the three countries of the permanent secretariat reported the development of the secretariat in their respective countries. A delegate of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Indonesia (MKRI), Head of Public Relations and Protocol Bureau, Rubiyo, reported that the AACC permanent secretariat for Planning and Coordination was located on the ground floor of MKRI Building. An MKRI delegate, Pan M. Faiz, explained that the secretariat was currently running, even having legal basis and financial support from the government.   The Secretariat for Planning and Organizing managed by MKRI serves to organize and coordinate the agenda of international activities of AACC members. In addition, the secretariat will also conduct the processing and dissemination of information of activities to AACC members.   The Constitutional Court of South Korea, which houses the Secretariat for Research and Development, in its report explained that the secretariat serve to plan, direct, and coordinate joint research activities among members and third parties. It also serves to study and formulate proposals of research activities within the scope of the constitutional court. The secretariat will also publish international journals on the results of research activities that have been conducted.   A Korean Constitutional Court delegate, Kim Yi-Su, in his report stated that for the results of researches in the secretariat for the field of research and development, later a data processing center for each member, containing profiles and important decisions, would also be formed. Not only that, this research and development secretariat will also organize international conferences and seminars for judges or equivalents and researchers based on selected themes.   Meanwhile, Abdullah Celik, Law Clerk of the Constitutional Court of Turkey, explained in that the Turkish Constitutional Court housed the secretariat for human resources training and development center. According to Abdullah, this secretariat would carry out regular training for the law clerks of the AACC member constitutional courts and similar institutions.   Tight Discussion of AACC President Election   The intensity of discussion increased as delegates discussed the election of AACC president for the next term. Participants provided a number of ideas as well as arguments against the ideas. As the discussion began to warm up, the Secretary General of the Indonesian Constitutional Court, M. Guntur Hamzah, managed to control the proceedings and emphasized that the topics of discussions in this meeting were merely materials that would be discussed and decided in the AACC Member Council Meeting.     In the meeting, the Secretaries-General and Law Clerks representing each institution agreed that the materials to be proposed in the election of AACC President would be based on volunteerism, regional zones of Asia, alphabetical order of the countries, joint presidential positions, and held by the three countries that housed the permanent secretariat. (Ilham/Yuniar Widiastuti)